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// theoretical & practical researcher

We explore the possibilities of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFVs); a new form of art, unlocking how the stories of our data are told. Artists and data providers work together, and NFV owners choose (and own) how they ‘see’ their data.

// founding member


CNFT_art is an NFT art assessment service to educate Cardano NFT holders about their assets; technical details, artistic interest, rarity, estimated value, and more.

Project Catalyst Funding

Besides working on these projects, I am researching NFTs at the University of Oxford. Catalyst funding would allow me to dedicate more time to the entire project and work on additional features which will specifically serve the Cardano NFT community.
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// founding member

ADA Café

The ADA Café curates digital spaces and services, connecting people and ideas aimed at accelerating growth of Cardano adoption, innovation, and value to people.

// co-author

The Great Filter

The Great Filter is an objective and open-source filtering mechanism for Project Catalyst Fund 7 proposals, empowering decision-making and voting efforts.

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