Master's Dissertation


I argue that the blockchain is a new medium for art making, restructuring the ways how art is constituted, produced, and perceived. Further, I intend to demonstrate how this change in art making represents a fundamental change that blockchain technology can bring to our societal structure.


Main Questions

  • What is a ‘medium’?
  • In what terms is blockchain a new art medium? What is ‘new’ about it?
  • What kind of art is being made in this medium?
  • How is this art mediated by its medium? How is the medium determining the art?
  • Why is this new medium important? Why is this art interesting? What does it represent?


3 Case Studies



Art stored on-chain.



Art created on-chain.

Non-Fungible Visualisations

Art derived from chain.


1Why is this research important?

Blockchain technology is introducing entirely new concepts and methods to art production. These changes exemplify how blockchain will reshape the society we live in.

While Cardano is research-based, the Humanities have been mostly neglected so far – attributing me a pioneering role to represent Cardano in humanistic research, namely in the field of art history. This project can serve as the first pillar of an emerging research field.

I am working on establishing a dialogue between Cardano and the Humanities by writing my Master's dissertation on NFTs at the University of Oxford.

2How does this research project serve Cardano & the Cardano Community?

This research project brings various advantages for the Cardano ecosystem:

  • Contribution to basic research, representing Cardano in Academia, especially in the Humanities
  • Increased adoption & visibility of the CNFT space
  • Educational tools and material for new joiners / non-technical people
  • Added value for NFT projects
3Why me? And why at the University of Oxford?

I am an Art History Master Student at Oxford University, pursuing an interdisciplinary approach. Being engaged with the NFT/Cardano space, ADA Café host & contributor, I bring the expertise to bridge these bodies and conduct the research.

The project furthers academic recognition of blockchain technology in Art History and the Humanities. The University of Oxford is currently #2 on the global university rankings. Conducting research at an institution with such a reputation can be of great value for the (C)NFT / Cardano community.

4Is there a place to discuss the research project?

Join the ADA Café Weekend Twitter Space!
Every Sunday 14.00 UTC / 9.00 AM ET / 01.00 AET, together with unsigned.

I'm regularly presenting my own findings, but also gather inputs from everyone contributing to the debate. The discussion often leads to general questions about CNFTs, art, technology, entrepreneurship, and more.

I also appreciate everyone who reaches out and starts a private conversation!

5Can I (as artist, dev, crypto geek, etc.) contribute?


There will be an interdisciplinary and collaborative project involving people from different fields.
Please DM on Discord or leave me a message below.


This is an interdisciplinary research project, connecting art technology humans

Is there a project I should know about? Would you like to collaborate, support or just have a conversation? 

Drop me a message 🙂